“ Her practical sessions were enjoyable and fun”

" We did 6 sessions with Melanie that involved some practical sessions to try and get some fresh ideas into our family cooking and meals. She was very enthusiastic and worked well with the whole family in creating some new approaches to food and meal times. Her practical sessions were enjoyable and fun and our children have remembered her tips and guidance on colour and different varieties of food that we previously would not have contemplated. We would recommend a course as a family and we are delighted that we took this step. "

Paula Myers
Client, Nutritional Consulting and Family Cooking Sessions

The children were engaged and entertained

" We are a family of 5 that loved cooking anyway, but needed ideas for different meals particularly vegetarian. Mel inspired the children to peel, chop, fry, mix and bake with plenty of tasting. We had a fantastic family afternoon, learned lots of interesting facts and nutritional advice, and had a delicious meal to enjoy afterwards. The children were engaged and entertained throughout and they decided that Mel needs her own TV show. "

Helen Hobson
Client, Family Cooking Sessions

I connected with Melanie to bring her on as a Facilitator for our Embiria Cooking Workshops and I’m so glad I did! Her approach to food is so refreshing, so simple, and so nourishing. The first Embiria Workshop she led was Middle Eastern Cooking and she was not only engaging, but funny and super approachable the whole time. I love how she uses fresh and seasonal ingredients to create vibrant dishes that don’t just look beautiful, but taste absolutely delicious! The participants loved the Workshop and I’m so excited to be bringing her back to teach more in the future!
— -Palak Loizides, Founder & CEO, Embiria

We often feature Mel’s recipes in our online blog

We have worked with Mel at Yoga Kula on several occasions now and every time we have worked together the results have been great. Mel’s food is healthy and delicious and her knowledge of nutrition gives us something extra we can let students know about when they are enjoying the food. We often feature Mel’s recipes in our online blog and on or SM channels

— Angela Sykes - Director, Yoga Kula

"Mel introduced me to a treasure trove of gluten free inspirations, helped my cooking confidence, and served up ladle fulls of fun throughout"

Gavin McNaughton - Workshop participant, recently diagnosed coeliac


"We can confirm that the Spice Workshops are 100% excellent" 

—Ben Davy, Chef - Development, Ox Club Restaurant, Leeds

The thing I loved most about Mel’s cooking sessions is that they are totally doable  - I now have a set of super nutritious meals I can realistically integrate in to my busy daily schedule. I can cook! - who knew!
— Louise Le Bas - Client, Customised Nutritional Consulting Services