Nutritional Consulting Services 

Personal or Family Consulting and Cooking Sessions

The best way to develop healthier eating habits is by getting hands-on in the kitchen—experimenting with fresh ingredients and simple recipes. I teach and encourage clients to work with fresh and whole ingredients, and to discover recipes and meal ideas that are ideal for their lifestyle or family. Whether you’re a single working guy or girl wanting to improve your weeknight dinner options, or a large family hoping to better plan and prep for mealtimes, we can tackle all of these challenges together in informed and engaging sessions. 

These consulting and cooking sessions can be booked on a one-at-a-time basis, selecting times that work best for your or your family's schedule.

Six-Week Nutritional Consulting Package

In this 6-week package, clients will get customised one-on-one nutrition advice and guidance.  The sessions will follow a basic interactive and educational framework but the content will vary depending on each individual’s goals, objectives and interests. Clients are provided with easy to understand facts and information about creating and maintaining healthy and balanced eating habits that are not based on deprivation.


Additional Services:

  • Grocery shopping for accessible, affordable, and healthy ingredients

  • Pantry stocking and kitchen organisation

  • Learning to prepare and cook quick and tasty meals

  • Meal-planning, prep and developing recipes for meals throughout the week


Personal or Family Sessions:
Pricing is flexible and customised based on client needs. 

6 week package: £200

Very enthusiastic and worked well with all the family...

“We did 6 sessions with Melanie that involved some practical sessions to try and get some fresh ideas into our family cooking and meals. She was very enthusiastic and worked well with the whole family in creating some new approaches to food and meal times. Her practical sessions were enjoyable and fun and our children have remembered her tips and guidance on colour and different varieties of food that we previously would not have contemplated. We would recommend a course as a family and we are delighted that we took this step”

Paula Myers


Based in Leeds, UK

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