My goal is to help individuals and families discover and enjoy fresh, creative and healthier eating.



Nutritional Consulting


The best way to develop healthier eating habits is by getting hands on in the kitchenβ€”experimenting with new ingredients and simple recipes. I teach and encourage clients to work with fresh and whole ingredients.



I offer a range of private cooking workshops that can be one-on-one, family-focused or for larger groups of up to 10. Each workshop is customised to your dietary needs, food preferences and culinary interests; the sessions can be in my kitchen or yours!



Browse through a collection of my favourite recipes from the first two cooking blogs that I've created over the past few years. This will be regularly updated as I'm always experimenting with unique ingredients and new ideas. My current obsession: fenugreek. 



β€œThe thing I loved most about Mel's cooking sessions is that they are totally doable - I now have a set of super nutritious meals I can realistically integrate in to my busy daily schedule. I can cook! - who knew!?”