Family or Group Cooking Sessions and Workshops

The best way to develop healthier eating habits is by getting hands-on in the kitchen—experimenting with fresh ingredients and simple recipes. I teach and encourage clients to work with fresh and whole ingredients, and to discover recipes and meal ideas that are ideal for their lifestyle or family. Whether you’re a single working guy or girl wanting to improve your weeknight dinner options, or a large family hoping to better plan and prep for mealtimes, we can tackle all of these challenges together in informed and engaging sessions.  

I offer a range of private cooking workshops that can be one-on-one, family-focused or for larger groups of up to 10. Each workshop is customised to your dietary needs, food preferences and culinary interests; the sessions can be in my kitchen or yours!

Kids' Cooking Workshops 

When children take an interest in cooking and nutrition they begin to create lifelong healthy eating habits while exploring their own creativity! I am offering a range of Kids' Cooking Workshops to inspire and educate the next generation of healthy eaters. These workshops are perfect as after-school, weekend or summertime activities, for groups of children, or as an accessible and healthy and fun birthday party activity! 

Additional Sessions:

I run regular cooking workshops throughout Leeds focusing on various culinary themes such as Indian or Middle Eastern Cooking,  Cooking with Coconut, Japanese Dumplings and much more! 

Click below to learn more or book on to scheduled upcoming workshops.  


Family and Group cooking workshops range from about £25 - £40 but will vary based on content, menu and number of participants. 



Mel introduced me to a treasure trove of gluten free inspirations...

“Mel's tasty food tips, and fun cooking sessions were just what I needed when I was diagnosed coeliac. Mel introduced me to a treasure trove of gluten free inspirations, helped my cooking confidence, and served up ladles full of fun throughout.”

Gavin McNaughton


Based in Leeds, UK

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