Miso Tahini & Maple Syrup: The New Holy Trifecta


In a small mixing bowl combine 1 part runny tahini, 1 part miso paste* and 1 part maple syrup, stirring in a splash of cold water to thin out the ingredients. Taste, and adjust for saltiness (miso), sweetness (maple), or bitterness (tahini) based on your preferences. 

Add the juice of half a lemon and stir again. Once you have a gorgeous caramel colour, transfer to a prettier bowl and sprinkle generously with some toasted sesame seeds. 

*I like to use sweet, lighter coloured miso for this but brown miso paste is also nice! 


This dressing is best enjoyed with jasmine rice and veggies. It's also a fantastic dipping sauce for raw veggies or crunchy tofu! It can jazz up any simple meal and make it far more exciting than you could imagine. Try making raw rice paper cold rolls and dipping them into this stuff too!