Sprouted Moong and Cucumber Salad

Sprouted moong beans contain as much protein as STEAK! Adding these little guys to soups, curries, dals and salads is a great way to add extra protein to your meal with a low calorie crunch! Sprouting at home is also a mega fun little project with nutritious and delicious results--and can save you a lot of money! You can buy these cute and easy to use sprouting jars from amazon! 

This is the perfect salad to keep you on track with your January detox! The fresh and crunchy veggies will hydrate you and the sprouted moong beans will keep you feeling full. The pomegranate and lime brighten up the salad with some tangy and fruity vibes, and the nigella seeds add a subtle Indian flavour--plus they look mega dramatic. 

In a large bowl add: 

  • 1 cucumber, sliced or chopped
  • Sliced celery (if possible, just the celery hearts ie: the most inner stalks of the celery)
  • A large handful of sprouted moong beans -- If you don't want to sprout your own, you can buy pre-sprouted mixes at some grocery stores!
  • A handful of pomegranate seeds

Squeeze over the juice of 1-2 limes (depending on their level of juiciness)
Sprinkle with nigella seeds.  

Season with salt and pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil. If you've got any fresh mint or coriander around tear some leaves up and toss in.