Summer Chive Herb Butter



This is a very simple recipe and therefore deserves the freshest and loveliest of ingredients. All you will need is:

Fresh Herbs -- This recipe is for chives but this can be done with parsley, basil, sage, thyme etc or a fun  combination of whatever you've got. So get creative! Semi-soft herbs work best for this recipe. 

GOOD BUTTER --This goes without saying. Get some lovely (preferably unsalted) butter and wait until it's soft and at room temp. On some ungodly hot day like we've been having this summer, room temp will be achieved quickly. 

Good Salt -- I have A LOT of pink Himalayan salt (my absolute fave) so that's what I used but any good salt will do. Maldon sea salt is also exceptional in this recipe. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil -- You don't NEED to add the olive oil to this butter but why the f**k not?











Begin by finely chopping all your herbs. Next, slice the butter into cubes and drop into a bowl. If the butter is soft enough you should be able to hand whip this. Mash up the cubes a little bit and then get a good whip going. 

Freely drizzle in some olive oil to get it nice and slick and then fold in the herbs. Sprinkle in your salt and taste--it's ALWAYS better with a bit more salt. You might need to take a little break and eat half a baguette with the butter in order to "sample" it until it's "just right". At least that's what I did. 

When everything is combined and you're pleased with the taste, get out some parchment or wax paper. Tear the paper into large squares, you'll need as many sheets of paper as blocks of butter you intend to make. 

Scoop out blobs of the butter out on to the paper and fold into a little packet. Mould the packet into a block like shape and refrigerate. If the butter is too soft for this, refrigerate the blob for a few minutes and try again. A block looks so much prettier than a blob.