Hibiscus Lemonade Tequila Cocktail(s)

First begin by making the hibiscus lemonade. It's very simple and once you've made a pitcher you can drink it virgin (as I was doing all week) or booze it up. I LOVED this with a bit of tequila but feel free to make this with vodka or even gin!


Fill a large pitcher with lots of ice. Extract the juice from 2 large lemons and pour over the ice. Toss in a few dried hibiscus leaves (you want at least 4 large petals). Pour over with cold water and stir really well. Taste the lemonade. It might be a bit too sour and tangy. The hibiscus is fruity and sweet but also a little tangy so if it's too sour for your taste, add some good organic sugar, honey or some simple syrup

(I highly recommend googling an easy recipe for simple syrup and keeping a bottle on hand at all times. It's great for sweetening cold tea, homemade lemonade and of course cocktails!) 

After stirring in your sweetener (and hopefully deciding you're happy with the taste) thinly slice some lemon rings and toss them in the pitcher. 


Fill a SHORT glass (I hate tall glass cocktails, but if that's your jam then who am i to stop you?) and add a shot of booze. Pour over the hibiscus lemonade and garnish with a lemon slice. 

Drink up and enjoy!