Turmeric & Ginger Marmalade

In a large pot, throw in the following ingredients:

  • Mixed citrus, THINLY sliced.*
    I used oranges and grapefruits.

  • One yellow onion, thinly sliced

  • A big chunk of ginger, chopped into
    thinly sliced matchsticks

  • About teaspoon of good quality turmeric

  • A heaped sprinkling of kalonji (nigella) seeds

  • Curry Leaves (optional)

  • Chili flakes (optional)

  • Sugar or honey

* I sliced my oranges too thick and because of this the marmalade was tasting a bit too bitter. So bitter, in fact that I used my chef’s tweezers to pick out loads of big chunks of peel. I recommend including the peel but not using too much. Thinly slice your citrus OR use a vegetable peeler to slice off some thin bits of peel and include that.



Begin by throwing all the ingredients (except for the sugar) into a large pot and warm up until gently simmering. You can add a small splash of water to get things going but the citrus should make plenty of liquid on its own so if you do add water, not too much at first!.

When everything begins to cook down, add your first few spoonfuls of sugar. Most chutney recipes use so much sugar its horrifying so I usually start slow. Brown sugar or caster sugar is good for this, you can also use honey if you want it to be even healthier.

Keep everything simmering on low heat until it begins to really cook down, soften and darken.

Keep simmering, tasting, and adjusting by adding sugar until it tastes as sweet as you like it and the bitterness has balanced out.

I cooked mine for about 2 hours until it got super dark and sticky and reduced in size by about a 3rd. Decant into a clean glass jar, seal up and enjoy over the next few weeks with popadoms, cheese, or bhajis!